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The Order of the Golden Dawn Collegium Spiritu Sancti is founded by a group of Adepts of diverse Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Occult backgrounds.  We have all worked in many different GD Orders and Western Mystery Traditions and share a collective passion for the Great Work.  Many of our Adepts in fact maintain membership and communication in different organizations while support of our membership here is our primary focus.  Our organization is small and selective in our members, and submitting for membership only once does not necessarily guarantee you will be accepted.  We are happy to provide no-obligation orientations to applicants with the understanding that our orientation works as an exchange of information and we are as interested in hearing about what you have to bring to the organization as much as what you will receive in being part of it.


We hold a high standard in our Adepts that every student we take on is treated with respect and equality.  That each member will be proctored in such a manner that the student will one day become the Teacher as each person advances each grade level with more knowledge than that of their Proctor respectively.  Our expectation for competency in each grade draws not only on the understanding of the knowledge lectures and materials given but also in showing a competency for the lessons and exercises you will put into practice.  Again it is a goal that as you move toward Adepthood you should enter into that Body with a stronger and deeper understanding and competency than that of those whom came before you.

Our order places a strong emphasis on the education and training of its initiates.  We provide the tools and an environment that nurture success for those aspirants who possess the will to do the work.  We are a part of a living, breathing tradition, and we are always seeking to improve the pedagogy of our Hermetic college through traditional and modern forms of education.


We are open to students who consider themselves serious about their spiritual pursuit and have a strong interest in studying the Golden Dawn system. As we have a limited capability to support students, we require a minimum level of participation for our students to maintain active membership.  We will not take on more than we are capable of supporting responsibly as we will not risk losing the quality of the teachings within the Golden Dawn system nor the attention given to each member.  It takes time, patience and perseverance not only to become a member but also to progress through the Order, and new students are only taken in as members when openings occur.  Advancements are not a right but a privilege, and the expectations of each grade are clearly outlined in our materials.  We do not have a waiting list, however those who maintain contact and interest are considered first.


We encourage you to read on through our website and look forward to correspondence with you….


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