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Summer Conclave Testimonials

  • Wow.  My mind has been blown open.  Thank you.

  • I believe it to have been the most significant event of my life so far.  I am so grateful to the Lord of the Universe, the Adepti, and all my fratres and sorores.  Thank you for your hard work and, well, for everything!

  • For my first conclave experience...bravo!  I had never met any of you, but you helped me feel welcome and that's important.  Hope to see you again next year or even sooner.  770

  • Summer Conclave was great I truly enjoyed meeting with members from all over the world. The best thing was the fact that all of the teachers no matter how busy there were took time out of their schedules to really make sure the myself and others were able to fully grasp the subject at hand. I will definitely be attending Summer Conclaves again.

  • I liked that there was so much packed into the week and felt there was a good balance of time spent in class and time between to spend getting to know others.

  • I'm sad it went by so quickly. But thank you so much for putting it together and making mine and the spiritual lives of others that much more fulfilling!

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you!  It was truly magical, renewing, healing and powerful.  I received a great gift at Ptah and I know how much hard work was put into giving it to all of us by the members of Ptah.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

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