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What to Bring to Conclave

Temple Attire
Please bring your Robe, Nemyss and red socks or slippers. If you do not own these, then please bring a pair of plain black slacks (no jeans) and solid black shirt or plain straight black dress to wear strictly for Temple workings and classes. Make sure that these are specifically brought just for Temple work and not something you are planning on wearing at other times than at the Temple. You will need to get a pair of red socks or slippers if you do not already own them. Please bring your Grade Sash if you have one. If you do not own a robe and nemyss and would like to order a set, an order form will be added to this site at a later date. We have a few loner robes which could be borrowed as well. 

Note Taking
Please bring notebooks and pens with which to take notes with. Please make sure to put your name in your notebook. We always end up with a couple abandoned notebooks after conclave each year.

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